Donald B: Thank you for the 30mL bottle of Green Serene Extra. Allison began using it yesterday. She has noticed that she got better quality sleep, less pain, and improved concentration after just 30 plus hours of use. We will definitely purchase more Clear Serene and Green Serene Extra. It is an honor and a privilege doing business with SNCE Labs. Peace, love, and CBD serenity. 

Betty P.  "Thank you so much for the promptness of filling and delivery.. This keeps my daughter-in -law out of the hospital and enables her to eat without pain and nausea., and helps my fibromyalgia pain a lot."

Doug M; “I have arthritis-like symptoms from some old injuries and recently had hip surgery.  Green Serene is life changing!”

Brenda L.  "I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholestero and had been taking 9 medications.  I have gradually worked them down to zero by taking Green Serene!!" 

Matt S.   “I need to do a CBD review for Tourette’s, as it has done some really neat things for me - that is no BS! I did up the amount to 4 times daily. I’m actually thinking of increasing the dose but stay with the 4 times daily schedule. The main thing it has done is make my tremors less “punchy” and more predictable. That helps me when trying to do tedious things with my hands. ALL TOURETTE’S people should take this stuff!” 

Sharlene A. - "At first I was quite skeptical about CBD oil, especially some that was being made by a small company. I have read about the multiple positive effects of CBD oil and I have a special needs grandson who takes CBD oil for his seizures-the oil keeps his seizures under control!!! I am 51 years old, and I have the typical aches and pains of someone my age-along with healing from rotator cuff surgery, arthritis and battling skin cancer. I gave in and bought my first bottle, the taste took some time to get used to, but the severity of my aches and pains are now GREATLY REDUCED!!!! I sleep better, and I am taking fewer anti-anxiety meds!!! I have even gave some to my friends to try!!! I will be using CBD oil every day from now on!!!!"

Dan P. “There are a lot of choices and options in the CBD market currently. Very happy with quality of this product at a great value! Everyone in my family uses it and loves it.”

Sarah M.– "Being in my 20s and having chronic back pain from scoliosis, degenerative discs, and early onset arthritis I’ve seen a lot of different specialists who all prescribed different pain medications. I stopped taking these different medications because nothing helped, and the side effects/risks were too great. CBD Oil has helped me get back to feeling normal again. I don’t have to worry about constant pain or discomfort anymore. Not to mention when I get a headache, I take a dose of CBD and it is gone within 30 minutes. No more popping pills! I’m sleeping better, feeling better, and I’m able to enjoy life again! SNCE Labs CBD Oil has been a life changer."

Mary K. – "I do my best to stay away from pharmaceuticals and CBD has given me a replacement for OTC painkillers. It is a much more natural solution."

Laura F.- "SNCE Labs CBD oil is by far the most effective product I have tried to help me sleep soundly throughout the night. It also takes the edge off a stressful day. Love the fact that it also has the antioxidant chlorophyll in it."

Allie G. -" I suffer from very bad anxiety and didn’t have insurance to get the medicine I needed for panic attacks. CBD oil helps calm my anxiety and is good at preventing minor panic attacks. It saved me trips to the doctor and the negative side effects of anxiety/depression medicines. It also has helped me sleep through the night when taken before bed. Normally I would wake up 5 or 6 times during the night but the oil makes sure that I stay sound asleep. I love that there’s no groggy feeling and no bad side effects come with it. If I have a headache it is one of my go-to solutions. It has also helped during my time of the month with cramps and irritability. Definitely something I will continue to use and will recommend to everyone I know."

Chuck's Package Store - "When we first put in CBD Oil we put in a different brand. After more research we found Green CBD Oil and were immediately impressed. We now sell Green Serene Oil exclusively. Our customers are happier with your product and the better price. Great results and experience doing business with you!"

Chris W.  Great product! Green Serene extra has helped tremendously with my back pain. I highly recommend!