Collection: Green Serene- Big, Green, Grassy Full Spectrum Tinctures and Capsules

Are you suffering from chronic pain?  Anxiety?  Can't get a full night of sleep? 

Green Serene(tm) is our big, green and grassy full Spectrum CBD  oil.  Our nano-emulsified oil packed with  CBD, rich with β-caryophyllene,  other terpenes, Chlorophyll,  and made from US grown, non GMO Natural hemp. 

Green Serene 600 Don't like Big, Green and Grassy? 

Green Serene 600 contains 600 mg of CBD and comes in 4 other flavors. 

No flavor? ˜No problem.  Green Serene also comes in flavorless capsules. 

Want more CBD?   We have you covered.  Green Serene Plus is our collection of big, green and grassy full spectrum oils available in 1200 mg, 1500 mg and 3000 mg. packages. 

Green Serene(tm)  contains <.3% THC.