Blog describing the two types of inflammation and the micronutrients needed to promote healing

What is Inflammation?

There are two types of inflammation.

Acute inflammation happens when we get injured. Our body's  immune system kicks in. Eicosanoids signal other cells where the problem is and the troops respond to by flooding the area with white blood cells to prevent infections, help healing and dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow (which leads to swelling) and deliver more nutrients to the site to aid in creating the energy needed to make the repair (heat).    Once the job is done, eicosanoids signal back to other cells to stand down and go back to normal. 

Chronic inflammation can occur when your body stays in the inflammatory state and doesn't stand down even when all danger has passed.  In this case,  our immune system starts attacking healthy cells.  For example in rheumatoid arthritis the inflammatory state goes after the connective tissue protecting our joints.  Chronic inflammation is associated with a wide range of diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, lupus and neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. 

We can help lower the risk of chronic inflammation by the actions we take. 

Moderate exercise, keeping weight off,  using alcohol in moderation, stopping smoking, lowering anxiety and getting a good night's sleep all play a role.

The Mediterranean Diet gained traction after health care professionals observed a lower incidence rate of coronary disease in the Mediterranean region vs. the US and Northern Europe.  Turns out this diet has lower sugar (weight) and is rich in micronutrients that that the immune and eicosanoid system require to initiate the inflammation response but also initiate the anti-inflammation response. 

Eicosadose is the best immune booster we have could formulate.  It contains  9 micronutrients that help boost the immune system.

These micronutrients are what you find in the Mediterranean Diet along with CBD to promote better sleep and reduce anxiety.  

Stay Healthy


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