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The Five Pillars of the Immune System- Cell Walls

The Five Pillars that make up the foundation of our immune system are:  Power, Blood,  Command & Control, Cell Walls & Hunters

We are in Vol Country and big fans.  

Cell walls are our immune system's defensive line and if weak then a losing season likely follows. 

This article covers how viruses like COVID19 gets through our cell walls and what to do to help prevent that from happening. 

Viruses are not living organisms and can't reproduce on their own. To propagate, they need to get inside our cells and hijack our cell's power.  Inside our cells are up to thousands of mitochondria,  each using glucose, oxygen and enzymes to make the power a virus needs to replicate. 

Our cell walls try to stop viruses from penetrating but also have to allow nutrients to enter,  remove waste and send & receive signals that allow cells to communicate with each other. (Command & Control).  These pathways can be exploited by pathogens to penetrate our defensive line. 

COVID19 is an airborne pathogen. We can get infected by touching the virus with our hands and then inserting it into our nose or mouth or by breathing droplets containing the virus into our lungs. 

Why does washing work?

Viruses have very weak defensive lines!  There they are held together by a "bag" made with proteins with a sugar attached.  The bag can easily be broken using alcohol, soap or bleach.  Once broken everything inside spills out all over the place and game over. 

How does COVID19 get into our body? 

COVID19 is airborne and we should wear masks to help prevent the spread.  

In our blog  about blood,  we introduced an enzyme called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE).  ACE-1 increases our blood pressure and ACE-2 lowers it. These ACE enzymes are part of our cell walls everywhere but our lungs have lots more ACE2 than other cells as ACE2 facilitates the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  

The COVID19 virus figured how to exploit ACE-2 and open  a hole for the virus to blast on through into our blood stream.    Hunters our "secondary" line of defense and come into play only after the pathogen gets into our bloodstream.  

So outside of washing, wearing and waiting for a vaccine, is there something we can do to reinforce the defensive line?  

Yes!  The micronutrient astaxanthin should be a player on the field. 

If you look carefully at the picture below,  you will see one end of astaxanthin poking its tail into the bloodstream and the other inside the cell.  This entire structure is like soap to the virus. If astaxanthin comes into contact with the protein/sugar membranes, it will steal oxygen from it and destroy the bag holding the virus together. 

Natural astaxanthin is part of our defensive line. 

If you aren't eating wild caught fish, eggs from foraging chickens or other sources of natural astaxanthin, then consider astaxanthin supplements.   

Eicosadose(tm) Immune System Booster

Micronutrients to Boost your Immune System

Eicosadose contains natural astaxanthin to detoxify our cells from ROS, fortify your cell line of defense and protect our ability to generate power,  Omega 3(DHA) & CBD to help the command and control network make the anti-inflammatory eicosanoids that tell cells to make ACE-2  and bioavailable zinc to help our cells make ACE enzymes. 

This is the best immune system booster we have found so far.  Wash Up, Mask Up, Vaccinate and boost your defensive line. 

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