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The Five Pillars of the Immune System- Power

Hi everyone. This is the last post our series covering the Five Pillars  of our immune system: Power,  Blood,  Command & Control, Hunters and Cell Walls

What happens when we get an infection or wound?   In our post on Hunters we discussed flooding the bloodstream with white blood cells.   If an infection is present,  up to 30%  of blood biomass may be white blood cells.   We have to generate and replace all of these cells.  It takes lots of power do to so. 

Have a fever?  During an infection the core body temperature rises.  More power required.  In this case, your muscles are called into action to quickly flex and release to release heat and blood flows into the core which is why you can feel the chills while running a fever.  Virus and bacteria also need power to replicate and once inside the cell plasma membrane will hijack the mitochondria for its own means. 

When our immune system is triggered,  we call on our mitochondria to up power production. The chemistry that we use to make more power also makes more toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS).  Unfortunately that surplus ROS is dangerous as it can attack and damage the mitochondria itself,  damage healthy cells and depletes micronutrients like CQ10 , vitamin C and CBD that are mild antioxidants but used elsewhere to support the 5 pillars.

The astaxanthin in Eicosadose is the right form  (3S, 3'S) to get into the cell plasma membrane and mitochondria walls and perform its role as nature's most powerful antioxidant. It protects the other 8 micronutrients from toxic ROS boosting your immune system's performance, 

Eicosadose  Immune System Booster:  9 Micronutrients to Boost your Immune System

Eicosadose contains natural astaxanthin to detoxify our cells from ROS and protect our ability to generate power,  Omega 3(DHA) & CBD to help the command and control network make the anti-inflammatory eicosanoids that tell cells to make ACE-2  and bioavailable zinc to help our cells make ACE enzymes. 

This is the best immune system booster we have made so far.  

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