CBD and Astaxanthin for Aging Pets and Hips

Is your pet suffering from aging hips?

Hi Everyone,

We are dog people. Nothing against cats but I have three dogs who come with us everywhere we go. 

We recently lost our Golden and welcomed another Golden pup into the family.  We have an aging 12 almost 13 year old Collie with severe arthritis in one of his legs and a miniature 10 year old Poodle. 

I recently went to leading pet food store asking for help with our Collie’s hips.

They recommended two products, CBD for pain relief and a hip/joint chewable containing glucosamine to help promote bone strength.

To be fair to the sales person, I did not let on that I market and sell CBD for dogs.
Nor did I mention that in addition to our 3 dogs, we feed and care for 300K+ marine and freshwater fish all with bones as well as axolotls that can grow back hips if eaten by one of their brethren.

Let’s start with CBD. 

He pitched me a full spectrum hemp oil containing 500 mg of CBD , <.03% THC and MCT as the carrier oil.

Dogs do not have the ability to process and neutralize THC.  Never passing the lips of my loved ones. There is nothing “wrong” with MCT carrier oil per se. It works, is cheap, but offers zero benefits to our pets. Our pet product uses pure salmon oil loaded with Omega 3 oil to promote healthy skin, organs, and immune system.   We  are selling 600 mg of CBD (no THC) in salmon oil for $30. 

I did find a salmon oil with 310 mg of CBD (no thc) product for $34.97 at another store.

For pain relief , Clear Serene for Pets is the best CBD oil for pets I have seen on the market.  Our Collie moves more easily without a limp. 

But hey if you want to spend more for less CBD with another brand that is your right.

What about using Glucosamine for hip/joint health health? 

On the surface,  it sounds like a good idea. Glucosamine 
 is found in the cartilage that cushions and protects bone joints. But do Glucosamine supplements work? 

Check out the Mayo Clinic’s overview of glucosamine in humans.  


“…might provide some pain relief ..”
…may slow knee joint deterioration” , or
researchers saw no improvement in inflammation…”

Hardly a resounding endorsement.

I kept my wallet closed.

To keep our fish and axolotls immune system, organs and bones healthy we use a supplement by Sustainable Nutrition Inc. that contains nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant, astaxanthin. 

Astaxanthin plays a critical role in protecting other compounds from oxidation including collagen-forming vitamin Ca critical component to bone density. It also promotes strong energy and overall health. 

They developed
 Adjuvia Pet Formula  which combines astaxanthin with Alaskan salmon oils.

Between us, we have the perfect combination for aging dogs with hip problems.

Clear Serene for Pain Relief and Adjuvia Pet Formula to promote bone density and energy. 

Our Collie is walking without a limp.

Our Poodle has lots of energy; runs and jumps just like alway and keeps up with the other larger dogs. 

Our “puppy” is now 12 months old and weights in at 84 pounds…his skin and fur health is exceptional and his energy level is way off the chart.

Sometimes too much…. But we love him.


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