6 tips for cbd newbies

6 tips for Newbies

Hi Everyone,  Lisa here. 

I often talk with people new to CBD and confused by all of the options. 

Here are six things newbies should know when thinking about what CBD product to try. 

  1. What are the 3 basic forms of hemp derived CBD?

    Hemp Derived CBD oil naturally contains three active compounds:  trace amounts of THC -Delta9 ( at <.3% ),  CBD and Terpenes.   To be called full spectrum,  you must have all three compounds present.  Broad Spectrum must have CBD plus terpenes to quality. CBD Isolate products only have CBD in them.

  2. What are terpenes and should I care about them?

    There are over 400 terpenes that may be present in full or broad-spectrum CBD oils. The type and concentrations vary by strain and growing conditions.   Terpenes are known to be responsible for taste and odor but little research has been done as to whether they have other positive metabolic effects. Some speculate that the presence of terpenes enhances the efficacy of the CBD that is present (the so-called “entourage” effect). We  can’t find any scientific proof that this is true. 

    There are manufactures who will sell you pure terpene variants.  Also you can mix these terpenes with cbd isolates and slap a “broad spectrum CBD oil" on the product.   Note there is no standard here as to "how much" terpenes one needs to add so buyer beware. Snce Laboratories retains whatever natural terpenes fare found in the biomass. No additives.

  3. CBD Isolates are a commodity.

    Manufacturers can further process hemp derived cbd oil to eliminate the trace THC and terpenes.  The resulting crystals are called cbd isolates and can be easily formulated to make a variety of tinctures, gummies, topicals or other edibles.   As the CBD isolate is the same active ingredient for everybody,  suppliers get creative by adding other “active” ingredients such as melatonin to promote sleep.  These ingredients cost very little to add. 

    At the end of the day you are buying milligrams of CBD so don’t hesitate to compare costs of cbd across different categories of product. 

     For example, I looked up an isolate CBD gummy provider selling a jar of gummies containing 750mg of CBD for $89 or $71.20 with a 20% subscription.  Using the subscription price,  you are paying 9.4 cents per mg of CBD.   We retail a tincture containing 1200 mg of CBD isolate for $60 or 5 cents per mg.   You may prefer to pay almost double to chew a gummy vs. take an oral tincture. Your call,  just understand your options.

  4.  CBD has variants.

     While CBD is the largest cannabinoid found in hemp there are multiple variants that are also present typically in much lessor quantities. Variants include CBG,  CBN, CBD-V, CBD-A. These compound can be isolate from hemp or synthetically made but as they are less prevalent and therefore tend to be expensive.  For each variant you can find somebody promoting that variant as the be-all end all but very little supporting research has been done to validate these statements. Our  full spectrum Green Serene products contain all variants naturally in the hemp flowers used to make it.   No refined additives required.

  5. Delta 8 vs. CBD vs. Delta 9

    Delta-9 (THC) will get you high,  CBD will not and Delta 8 is in between.  Delta 9 is still technically illegal at the federal level although many states have legalized use of marijuana that contains high levels of THC for recreational or medical use.  CBD does not have a mind-altering effect and was legalized by the passage of the Hemp Farm act at the national level.  All hemp derived CBD products must have <.3%THC to be legal. 

     Delta-8 is another cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp.   Pure delta-8 can be refined from either cannabis variety.   The Hemp industry has argued that delta-8 refined from hemp should be legal under the 2018 Hemp Farm Act.  Not every state agrees so check with your state whether Hemp derived Delta-8 is legal or not.    Delta-8 when combined with CBD is an excellent sleep aid promoting your ability to fall  and stay asleep. 

  6. Start at a crawl and work your way up.

    CBD products come in various concentrations.  I always recommend to a newbie that they start with a product containing 5-10 mg of CBD in a serving and gradually work your way up until you realize the benefits you expect to get from taking CBD. 

    Green Serene full spectrum cbd oil tinctures are by far and away our best sellers.  No additives or refined compounds, just simply everything found in hemp flowers just as nature intended. 
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